The Most Handsome Player NBA from Each Winning Team in the Last 2 Decades

The NBA finals are not just basketball games, they are one of the biggest shows on Earth. What better way of catching the eye of the ladies than winning an NBA title whilst looking very handsome?

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The Most Handsome Players NBA

We take a look at the best-looking players NBA from each title-winning franchise from the last 20 years.

LA Lakers (’00, ’01, ’02, ’09, ’10) – Kobe Bryant

The late Kobe Bryant is one of the most iconic and recognizable NBA players of all time. ‘Black Mamba’ was made famous by his on-field exploits, but his handsome features helped to elevate him to another level. The 6ft 6in tall, his place on this list was never in doubt.

The Most Handsome Player  NBA

San Antonio Spurs (’03, ’05, ’07, ’14) – Cory Joseph

Cory Joseph was part of the 2014 Spurs side that won the NBA Championship. The Canadian might be one of the less well know names on this list, but the 29-year-old undoubtedly deserves it. You can guarantee that Joseph will always have the freshest trim on the court and his cheeky smile is enough to get anyone’s heart beating.

The Most Handsome Players NBA

Detroit Pistons (’04) – Richard Hamilton

The 2004 Pistons team had quite a few unremarkable looking players. Richard Hamilton isn’t the most conventionally good-looking men but he just his lean body and cool looks give him enough to make him the Pistons’ most handsome player.

The Most Handsome Player NBA

Miami Heat (’06, ’12, ’13) – LeBron James

Miami Heat is one of the most glamorous franchises in the NBA. It is no surprise that they have had a plethora of handsome players on their side during their title winning years. LeBron James’ incredible physique is what cemented him his place as the Heat’s most attractive player NBA.

most attractive playe

Boston Celtics (’08) – Eddie House

The Celtics’ 2008 point guard Eddie House is one of the most remarkably well groomed men you could ever hope to see. From his perfect stubble to marvelous hair, House fully deserves his place on this list.

most attractive players NBA

Dallas Mavericks (’11) – Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd is a slight change of pace to some of the more glamourous players on this list. Now 47, Kidd’s appearance has improved with age and he has a certain rugged handsomeness that simply cannot be overlooked.

The Most Handsome Player NBA

Golden State Warriors (’15, ’17, ’18) – Stephen Curry

Steph Curry’s place in this article was never in doubt. The 3-time NBA champion always has that remarkable ability to look incredible from all angles no matter the situation he is in. Curry is truly the envy of all men.

The Most Handsome Players NBA

Cleveland Cavaliers (’16) – Kevin Love

Taking the title for the Cavaliers is 5 times NBA All-Star Kevin Love. The 32-year-old has the most incredibly chiseled features and a remarkably imposing physique. Love is not always the most groomed player on court but that kind of works for him and just elevates his good looks even further.

Handsome Players NBA

Toronto Raptors (’19) – OG Anunoby

The London born OG Anunoby actually missed the NBA finals due to injury but that does not hinder his ability to appear on this list. OG’s incredibly sculpted body and cute facial features ensure that heads are turned wherever he goes.

Handsome Player NBA

The men who have made this list are not some of the most attractive athletes of all time. Despite this there are many very attractive men who played in these teams that missed out and only thing is certain, if you want to see incredibly attractive men running about a court the NBA is the pace to be!


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